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Hearing begins with sound waves, vibrations in the air, journeying through our ear canals and being converted into information that our brains can understand. From the development of speech and music to the advent of recorded audio 150 years ago, our interaction with sound has evolved significantly. Today, we're on the cusp of a new sonic era.

AI is revolutionizing how we interact with sound, turning the once slow and costly audio creation process into an effortless, universally accessible activity. Recorded audio is evolving from a mostly static medium into an interactive and adaptable one. Across sectors reliant on audio, AI is amplifying efficiency and creativity, opening up exciting new opportunities.


In the burgeoning world of AI-driven audio, the paramount value is freedom.

Artists have a myriad of concerns and ponder: "Can I control this system creatively? Will AI integrate into my workflow, or will it replace me?". They deserve the freedom to harness these tools as they see fit. Businesses, faced with the specter of market dominance by a handful of corporations, question: "What's the impact on my bottom line? Will my services thrive, or be overshadowed in this rapidly evolving landscape?". They deserve the freedom to define their own rules and succeed. To ensure a prosperous AI audio future, it's essential to focus on AI's potential to empower artists, fans, producers and businesses with greater freedom.


Developers are central for freedom in the AI audio era. Their expertise is crucial in fostering a diverse ecosystem of tools, tailored to meet a wide range of artistic visions and business strategies. Yet, developers face many challenges.

While open source is commoditizing all aspects of the technology, the task of creating impactful tools remains daunting for those without extensive experience. Navigating through a mosaic of open-source repositories and ever-evolving tech stacks turns development into a slow, laborious process. This leaves developers with limited time to focus on vital aspects such as integrating tools into innovative business models and nurturing a vibrant community.


Nendo is the AI audio tool suite for developers, powering the next-gen of audio applications.

Nendo Core is a user-friendly open-source tool suite designed to streamline the development of AI audio applications, tailored to a broad range of needs. It gives access to an expanding ecosystem of AI audio tools and models, each seamlessly integrable and highly adaptable to diverse use cases. Nendo Core simplifies machine learning challenges and provides essential audio processing and library management capabilities, making development fast.

Nendo Cloud is a robust Infrastructure as a Service platform, tailor-made to simplify the operation of custom AI audio applications and solutions at scale. It provides developers and businesses a gateway for effortless application deployment and access to premium AI audio models via APIs. From batch processing, model training to library management, Nendo Cloud makes workloads efficient. It is a versatile resource in the dynamic world of AI audio.

Complementing this, Nendo R&D serves as a dedicated partner for AI Audio projects. Our expertise is rooted in the conceptualization, development, and deployment of large-scale Audio AI systems. We engage closely with our partners, leveraging the Nendo Cloud platform to transform ambitious visions into tangible, cutting-edge solutions.

The mission of Nendo is to help developers to build an vibrant ecosystem of tools that foster freedom in the AI audio era.

To get started, get Nendo Core and join our Community.

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