Open Source AI Audio Platform that unleashes the power of sonic intelligence & generation
Nendo is an open source platform for AI-driven audio management, intelligence, and generation. It enables professionals to handle audio with unparalleled efficiency
Audio Intelligence

Unlock the information in your audio: Powerful AI analysis and search tools for music & voice

Handling the rapidly increasing amount of content with traditional library management tools is becoming ineffective. Nendo brings powerful AI tools directly into the audio library, making it easy for professionals to search and discover across vast number of audio files.

Advanced Search

Find audio through natural language & intelligent filtering


Automatically generate metadata for your music


Generate rich full-text descriptions of any song

Voice Transcription

Accurate and fast speech-to-text for voice data

Voice Transcription Insights

AI models to summarize speech, detect topics, and more

Similarity Search

Discover audio that is similar to a reference track.

Audio Generation

Generate music and voices with state-of-the-art AI models. Extract and transform audio with ease

Generative AI is radically changing audio interaction, blending asset management and creation. Nendo integrates cutting-edge AI tools right into the library for effortless voice and music generation & transformation.


Extract stems and loops from any track and quantize them

Voice Generation

Convert text to speech and create natural AI voices instantly

Music Generation

Generate music assets with natural language prompts

Music Generation Model Training

Easily train custom generative models on any content in your Nendo library

Apps Platform

Easily develop and use custom applications, that leverage and integrate with the Nendo Platform

Nendo App: Mashuper

Interactively jam with your library and discover millions of new musical combinations

Nendo API

Build third-party applications that use the Nendo platform capabilties

Library Management
Intuitive content browsing & discovery
Flexible collections to group content
Easy metadata viewing and editing
Sclable for very large libraries
Nendo is open-source, perfect for use-cases requiring control and privacy. It is available as a cost-effective cloud service