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Install Nendo:

$ pip install nendo
$ pip install nendo-plugin-musicgen

Use Nendo in Python:

from nendo import Nendo
nd = Nendo(plugins=["nendo_plugin_musicgen"])
songs = nd.plugins.musicgen(prompt="funky 70s disco", bpm=120)
Nendo Core
Easy & Fast Development

Time-consuming issues with machine learning and audio processing code are a thing of the past

Generating remixes and variations of songs
from nendo import Nendo
nd = Nendo(plugins=[
    "nendo_plugin_stemify_demucs", "nendo_plugin_musicgen", 
    "nendo_plugin_classify_core", "nendo_plugin_fx_core"
track = nd.library.add_track(file_path="funk.mp3")
Input File

0:00 / 0:00

stems = nd.plugins.stemify_demucs(
    track=track, stem_types=["no_vocals", "vocals"], model="htdemucs_ft"


0:00 / 0:00

track = nd.plugins.classify_core(track=track)
bpm = int(float(track.get_plugin_data("nendo_plugin_classify_core", "tempo")))
key = track.get_plugin_data("nendo_plugin_classify_core", "key")
scale = track.get_plugin_data("nendo_plugin_classify_core", "scale")

generated = nd.plugins.musicgen(
bpm=bpm, key=key, scale=scale, prompt="house beat, classic house"

0:00 / 0:00

remix = stems[0].overlay(generated[0], gain_db=0.3)
remix = nd.plugins.fx_core.limiter(track=remix)
Final file

0:00 / 0:00

Nendo Core
Essential AI Audio Tools
Audio Generation

Source Separation

Audio Analysis

Voice Generation

Midi Generation

Audio Transcription


Audio Quantization

Audio Loop-Extraction

Tools added regularly

Nendo Core
Powerful Features
Easy to use, lightweight framework to develop AI audio applications fast.
Integrated essentials for audio processing and library management.
An extensible plugin architecture and growing ecosystem of AI Audio plugins.
Easily combinable tools that together address a wide range of use cases.
Nendo Core
Use cases

The versatile Nendo tool suite allows developers to build apps for a wide range of use cases:

Generative Music Instruments

Easily develop music making instruments with Nendo that creatives love to use. Leverage a wide range of AI music capabilities and integrate them into digital audio workstations or DJ tools.

Automated Asset Creation

Transform audio collections into sophisticated generative models with Nendo. Generate endless audio content and variations based on your collection, that rivals professional studio recordings.

Intelligent Audio Search

Effortlessly analyze large audio catalogs and add custom tags with Nendo. Use AI-powered natural language audio search and advanced clustering to swiftly discover the perfect track and unlock your catalog's full potential.

Interactive Music Experiences

Easily build interactive music experiences with Nendo. Enhance fan engagement with user-generated content, tailor-made to suit various social media or chat platforms, ensuring maximum impact and reach.

Adaptive Audio for Advertising

Automate the creation of high-quality, data-driven audio ads with Nendo. Swiftly generate engaging voiceovers and background scores, tailored to your target audience and seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Adaptive Audio for Games

Augment the creation of in-game soundtracks and voices with Nendo. Use AI-powered analysis and generator tools to craft dynamic scores that adapt in real-time to gameplay and let players customize their experience.

Nendo core is open source. Free forever.